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CEO’s need Advanced Certification in Data Science and AI/AR Product Direction. No advanced engineering degree or software coding experience is required. These are Technologies That Think and Recognize Commercial Best - Practice’s. A Global Paradigm Shift and the Demands of a Digital Transformation. Sales Chat has become a key “strategic word tactic” in combination with online business and customer services.

Cloud-Health and multi-management of 5G CLOUD AI SaaS Hybrid Platforms. The most exciting projects on the planet. 100’s of New Sales Cloud Software Programs are meant for Enterprise AI Sales and Virtual Applications.

The Cloud is a Messy Swelling Tangle of Data Centers, Fiber Optic Cables, 5G Cellular Towers, and Networked Devices that Span the Globe. Cloud is intangible – Digital Divide that closes a Digitized Society. Data Centers 24x7x365 are at The Heart of a Cloud. The demand for an unremitting 5G Cloud provides uninterrupted uptime.

  • Your Company Needs: For a Newcomer CLOUD Platform.
  • Shared CLOUD IT Infrastructure: Will overtake spending on
  • Traditional IT Computer Equipment or Data Centers or CLOUD
  • Storage Infrastructure. ie: 2022 could be, The Rackspace Corp.
  • CLOUD Computing is meeting our needs. However, Corporate Content and Intellectual Property are Valued in Millions and Billions and are Vulnerable to “Cybersecurity” threats and are now a Major Issue with IoT. Niche Cloud “Startups” are attempting to offer Custom (AI artificial intelligence) on Their CLOUD SYSTEMS, with a cheaper, less expensive price proposal.
  • Since the Pandemic, The CLOUD has accelerated Corporate Digital Transformation inside The Company. Planning Three Steps ahead, before the next Crisis Hits, is a smart move.
  • 5G CLOUD AI SaaS Hybrid Platforms, too many? “OR” We Depend upon the Traditional MICROSOFT, GOOGLE / AWS CLOUD Services, and Interaction. Platforms are built upon Hit Products. The Top Three grew their Cloud Business by more than 33% in the past year.
  • While the Metaverse is still being hashed out, there are cases for the Virtual Work World and Workflow. A Multi-Cloud Strategy expands the use of Technology. Workplace Collaboration, Education, Ecommerce, Real Estate. Look for opportunities to Innovate and Problem Solve Identify New Customers inside your Company.
  • It is time to look for opportunities in AI Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, AI Architects and Digital Data Management vs. more Lateral Thinking.
  • 5G CLOUD AI SaaS COMPUTE will be in high demand in Virtual and Augmented Reality (AR) environments. While Storage, Machine Learning, IoT and Data Analytics will be essential to support operations such as Digital Twinning, Modeling, and Interactive Activity Strategy at the Research Level. The results are;
    1. Value Creation
    2. Business Development
    3. Customer Centric
    4. Sales Automation
    5. Performance Management

5G Cloud AI SaaS WorkBook

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